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Youth Activities in Junction City, KS

The Core SKILLZ program builds physical agility, control, and resilience to help kids excel. Seven to nine-year-old kids are intellectually curious and starting to mature emotionally – but they also may struggle with appropriate behavior and physical control. Our Core SKILLZ program is especially designed to help them learn martial arts in line with their overall development.

The Core SKILLZ program works with kids to teach them how to accept responsibility for their actions, to manage negative emotions, and to pay attention to instructions and advice from their instructors. The program teaches kids agility, courage, flexibility, and persistence in a way that allows them to build confidence. These skills translate from our martial arts studio to school – and to your home.

Older kids have better control than young ones, but they still may struggle with precision and accuracy. The Core SKILLZ program builds on earlier martial arts training to help kids gain control of their bodies and build strength while improving their balance.

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