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Youth Activities in Junction City, KS

The Basic SKILLZ program teaches young kids to be focused and to manage emotional outbursts in a fun, educational setting. At times, it can be easy for teachers and parents to overestimate 5 and 6-year-old kids. They’re better at following instructions and paying attention than younger kids, but they still may need some help in controlling themselves and focusing on tasks.

Basic SKILLZ teaches kids to control their bodies and behavior in a fun, social environment that encourages cooperation and respect. They learn about teamwork, discipline, memory, and balance while practicing coordination and learning key martial arts moves.

Five and six-year-old kids tend to lose focus when they’re excited – and to shut down when they’re sad or scared. In the Basic SKILLZ program, they are taught to maintain control even when they are excited – and to stay focused even when it is difficult to do so.

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