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It is our pleasure to introduce you to ”Quality Play for All”.  Established in October 2016, we are a group of Junction City friends that have come together for the purpose of improving the quality and safety of the playground parks in the Junction City community while strengthening the quality of our families and community.  “Good things start on the playground and last a lifetime”.  Through play, kids show persistence, leadership, competition, bravery, support and empathy.  It is during these play times when exceptional moments happen between children, their families and friends.

The “Quality Play For All” organization has the original focus to update the playground equipment for Playground Park (5th Street Park) compliant to the American Disabilities Act which also incorporates the “Seven Elements of Play,” sliding, spinning, balancing, climbing, swinging, brachiating (upper body movements), and overall sensory.  Our goal is to create a showcase park in Junction City with Playground Park that will be a draw for all in our community as well as surrounding communities.

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