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Seeking Volunteers for Local Youth Sports & Activities

Volunteers NeededThe Committee, an extension of the Quality Play for All Non-Profit, is now accepting volunteer information and building connections between volunteers, local youth sports groups, and other organizations.

After meeting with leagues and Junction City Recreation Department, identified volunteer recruitment as a critical need for local youth sports and activities.

“Everyone is asking for more volunteers and this is an area we think we can help,” said Amber Schilling, Program Coordinator.  “From coaching to teaching classes, many organizations need support from the community to grow. We want to serve as a bridge between volunteers and the organizations in need. Please send us your information, and we will connect you with the right people.” went live in early July with information about local leagues, facilities, and continues to grow with new content every day. The committee continues to foster connections within the youth programming community, aid in new league development, and explore new sites for development.

Do you want to volunteer with a local team or teach a class at the community center? Fill out our form, and let’s get started!

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