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Youth Activities in Junction City, KS

Quality Play Income Study Brings Major Grant Money to Junction City

Quality Play for All Low to Moderate Income StudyIn 2017, Quality Play for All set out to fund the Playground Park project. Obtaining funds from a Kansas Department of Commerce Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) became a key factor in funding the project.

These grants require applicants to identify a service area and gather specific information related to income in the area.

Completing the Survey

Working with a professional grant writer, City Commission approval, and many community volunteers, Quality Play for All conducted a random survey of over 580 residents in Junction City. These residents provide key information about their household, including sensitive details about:

  • Disability
  • Education
  • Income
  • Race/ethnicity

The survey was completed in October 2017, and Quality Play for All received a CDBG for $188,244 in January 2018.

Other Uses of the Survey

Playground Park isn’t the only project to utilize this survey data. In 2018, the survey was put to use by the City to apply for funds for the Spring Valley Road improvement project. The City was awarded $425,000 in CDBG funds for the upgrades in early 2019.

Currently, the City plans to use the survey to apply for approximately $700,000 in funds for the roundabout at McFarland Road and Eisenhower Drive, according to the City Manager Allen Dinkel.

Impact on Our Community

With a value of over $613,000 already and the potential for up to $1,313,000 in grant funds, use of the income survey has proved invaluable for the Junction City community. The 2017 survey has been gold for us, said Allen Dinkel. Thanks to all who made that survey happen.

Unfortunately, the survey can no longer be used after this year. Future CDBG requests will require a new survey. If the 2017 survey is an indicator, any future income surveys will be more than worth the time, effort, and coordination put in by volunteers to complete the undertaking.

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